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Crystal Clark Alaina Taylor-A Swap To Make Amends

Crystal Clark’s life has been somewhat turbulent ever since her divorce. Alaina Taylor gives me a call to see how things are going. After reuniting, they choose to get together. Parker and Rion will be attending the gathering as Crystal and Alaina are now stepmothers. Everything proceeds smoothly until Crystal and Alaina begin to play around with one other’s stepsons. Though they both know it’s wrong, the milfs can’t help but play around with younger males because they don’t get many opportunities to do so. Parker and Rion don’t think twice about it, even though they both know they would be very angry if they found out. When the stepsons do find out about the little flirtation, things take a bad turn. Crystal and Alaina calm the boys down, and the best solution they all agree on is recreating the sex in a fun environment where everyone can watch. At first, things are a little weird – fucking in the same room and seeing their stepsons naked is both odd and thrilling for the milfs. When things start heating up, the group opts for a swap. What would be kinkier and more fun than fucking their own stepsons, after all?